Software development

As a professional software development company, i-Krithi Technologies promotesstate of the art information technology services by implementing cost effective and customized enterprise software applicationsthat streamline administration, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and thereby customer relations.


Software development implementations are very complex in nature. Hence it’s very important to approach them with an organized outlook. At i-Krithi Technologies, we follow a project management framework that reduces the scope for errors and guarantees successful outcomes.

A typical SDLC involves the following phases:

Requirements gathering

The objective of this phase to gain a thorough understanding of your business processes. Inputsare received from stakeholders, managers, and users to understand the expected software behaviour in order to incorporate all essential features the software is expected to have.

A Requirement specification document is developed from thereceivedinputs which describes in detail the overall software behaviour.

Software Design

The SRS document received from the previous phase is translated into design which serves as an input for the development phase.


In this phase, codes are produced as per the design.


Every new product must go through a test of Quality before deployment. This phase involves Unit testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing.


After successful testing, the product is deployed.